The summer school on Equal Parenting in Langeac, France, is now taking form.
We have participants from Spain, England, France and Chile, and are looking
for confirmations from people in Germany and other European countries.

The summer school has a clear agenda and structure (see below) but it will
perhaps be most useful as a venue where people can discuss the comparative
ways family law and practice work around the world.

We would like to make it clear that the summer school is meant to be a forum
for discussion rather than the beginnings of an international organization in
its own right. We have chosen this part of France as it is fairly equidistant
from most Western European countries. It is also extremely low-cost, and gives
everybody a chance to relax in agreeable surroundings.

There are a few more places available before the summer school fills up, so we
would love to hear from you, especially (although not exclusively) if you come
from countries not yet represented. For those who have not yet confirmed their
attendance, it would be very helpful if you could do so. We will be emailing
precise details of the venue and instructions on how to get there to
participants in the next fortnight.

The rest of this email contains a copy of the presentation of the Summer
School already sent out, for those who have not yet received it, a copy of the
EP logo and link for those who have websites they can put it on ...



PS: We have translations of the presentation of the Summer School into Spanish
and French available.


International Summer School 1999
25 - 31 July at LANGEAC in the Massif Central, France

1. To encourage a strong spirit of cooperation and solidarity in Europe and
internationally, through direct contacts between shared parenting groups and
2. To develop a coherent set of international policies to promote respect of
family rights.

1. Parents who cannot agree where their children should reside should have the
right to 50/50 shared residence.
2. Parenthood must be based only on the child-parent relationship, not that
between parents.

Arrival : Sunday 25 / Monday 26 July 1999
Departure : Saturday 31 July 1999

Langeac, Auvergne, France
In a large converted farmhouse and garden, about 500 yards from the town
centre on the other side of the bridge next to the river.
The countryside of the Auvergne is hilly, wooded and beautiful, with gorges
and mediaeval architecture. Participants in the conference will be able to
camp in the adjacent field and will use part of the house to eat and hold the
workshops. There are also hotels in town, which should be reserved
independently in advance.

General structure :
- workshops will take place in the morning from 9am till 12 noon.
- the midday meal will be at about 1pm
- The afternoon will be devoted to a variety of activities, such as walks,
visits to historical sites, canoeing, swimming, etc.
- evening meal ( about 8pm ) : eating together.

The two languages used will be English and French, implying a division into
smaller monolingual groups or some translation. Summaries of the discussions
in each group will be given at the end of the morning. Participants are
encouraged to engage in free discussion during their other activities.


Tuesday - Presentations of the different family policies and laws of each
country, with a compte-rendu of the state of play in parents' groups, etc.
Wednesday - What basic principles of action can we unite behind?
Thursday - How can professional and bureaucratic structures be integrated into
a new vision of family policy?
Friday - International coordination - common actions - conclusions.

It will be helpful if you bring information about what happens in your own
country with you.

Participants will receive by email, or if possible by mail relevant
information in advance of the conference in order to facilitate progress
during our time together.

Meals are communal. We estimate that the cost should be around 400FF (£40 /
$70 ) per person for all food and basic necessities, payable on arrival.
Everybody is expected to participate in general household tasks such as food
preparation and washing up. Travel costs and any costs arising from visits to
museums, etc., are for each individual to pay. There is no charge for
camping - hotel accommodation is not included and should be booked personally.

There is no advance deposit. However, in order to have some idea of numbers we
need to know if you intend to come, with your contact details and the names of
any others who are coming with you. This may also be helpful in order to link
up and travel together.

There are plenty of things to do and places to see within walking distance or
a short car trip of where we are staying, and it is an ideal place to come to.

It scarcely needs to be added that the Summer School is conceived on the basis
of equality, and that we positively welcome people of both sexes to

Julian Fitzgerald
56 Louis St - Leeds LS7 4BN - UK
email :
Tel : 0044 (0)113 - 229 8949


By car : between Clermont Ferrand and Puy de Dome
By plane : to Paris or Lyon.
By train : to Lyon and then Puy de Dome.
Thereafter by coach or car to Langeac. We may be able to pick people up at the
station if given advance warning.


So far, nobody is expecting to stay in a hotel, but these hotels are listed if
you wish to do so. If numbers become too great, there are additional camping
facilities on the other side of the river on the Langeac Municipal Camping

Auberge de L'Ile d'Amour
téléphone-télécopie: +0033 (0)4 71 77 00 11
Ile d'Amour 43300

Central Hôtel
téléphone: +0033 (0)4 71 77 05 99
7 pl. Aristide Briand 43300

Hôtel Restaurant Roche Eric
téléphone: +0033 (0)4 71 77 08 88
télécopie: +0033 (0)4 71 77 12 03
28 av. Gare 43300

Hôtel Terminus
téléphone: +0033 (0)4 71 77 06 52
1 pl. Gare 43300

Hôtel Restaurant du Val d'Allier
téléphone: +0033 (0)4 71 77 02 11
Reilhac 43300 Mazeyrat d'Allier

Hôtel Abctour
48 r Sarrette 75014 Paris
Audiotel : 2,23F TTC/min: +0033 (0)8 36 69 98 99