Here is the official public document from the State of Louisiana:


Louisiana Department of Social Services Office of Family Support Support Enforcement Services


The Access and Visitation Program is designed to help parents understand that their children should come first. The
program focuses on educating the parents regarding:

--   How children respond to a lack of visitation
--  Conflict prevention and resolution for parents
--  Cooperation and co-parenting
--  Non-cooperation
--  Advantages of co-parenting
--  What the custodial parent loses by not allowing visitation
--  Meeting the best interests of the children

Access and Visitation is a program designed to help families who are in conflict about visitation and child support. Because of divorce, separation and premarital childbearing, single parent households are steadily increasing today. As a result of this increase in single parent homes, children are at a higher risk for problems that will carry over into adulthood. Statistics show that children in single parent homes have higher incidences of drug usage, poor grades in school, low self esteem, teenage pregnancy, attempted suicide and juvenile delinquency. Children need both parents for guidance throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Because of the marked increase of risk for unhealthy behaviors in children of single parent families, it is vital that children have access and visitation to both parents.

Nonpayment of Child Support

Often children who live in single parent homes are economically disadvantaged. Providing for the children is the responsibility of both parents, including a parent who does not live with the children. Inadequate support from the noncustodial parent has proven to increase the number of children who live at poverty level. It has been found that paying child support is more common among noncustodial parents who have access to and visitation with their children.

Because some parents have difficulty with visitation and nonpayment of child support, the Office of Family Support, Support Enforcement Services is offering a program to families who have an active IV-D child support case and are in conflict about visitation and child support.

These services are being offered at no charge through Support Enforcement Services Offices throughout the State of Louisiana

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